BMS 2018 - Sounds of Brazil celebrate 60 years of Bossa Nova  

From the 21st of April to the 22nd of June, A Hora do Brasil Foundation brings Bossa Nova to the Brazilian Music Series - Sounds of Brazil - at the Bimhuis. The series of three shows pay tribute to the 60 years of the style that is synonymous of Brazilian music in the world. In the voices and chords of  Trio Wanda Sá feat Bernardo Lobo (21/04), João Sabiá & Roda Fina (25/05), and Roda de Samba by Nelson Latif (22/06). The program will stroll through Rio de Janeiro’s latest 50’s and early 60’s stories and tell the birth and growth on Classic Bossa, Nova Bossa and other bossas concerts.

It is 2018. “Chega de Saudades (No more blues)”, the iconic album by João Gilberto celebrates its 60th anniversary . It is the most expected album of that year:, a mark considered by most to be the birth of Bossa Nova, with its unique sounds and beats. Just a new thing. A new way of playing classics. A new bossa. A Bossa Nova. In this series, you will experience the sounds of the earlly bossa, how it has evolved and influenced the new generations, and its mixes with jazz and more traditional rhythms.

Classic Bossa (21/04): Wanda Sá feat. Bernardo Lobo is the hidden pearl of Bossa Nova. Vagamente (1964) and Softly (1967) were marks of the genre and she has rapidly spread her style abroad: with a soft velvet voice and a delicate style that has become a must learn for the rythm till date. She started as a student from the Roberto Menescal/Carlos Lyra academy and has rapidly grown to become a teacher. Afterwards, a wanted interpreter for the style and one of its earlier representant abroad together with TomJobim, Eumir Deodato, Dom Um Romão, and Sergio Mendes. Her album " Vagamente" has included many of the Bossa Nova stars  in a very early stage, just before all of them were known worldwide. After launching three albums in Los Angeles, a 20 years old Wanda has chosen to come back to Brasil. The world missed a muse at those times. Fortunately, she has picked up her career in the 80’s and is in 2018 more productive than ever. Bernardo Lobo on Guitar and final line up (tbc).

Nova Bossa (25/05): João Sabiá & Roda Fina give you a fresh look into the new generation inspired by the Bossa scene. The question after the 80’s was: what’s up with the Bossa? João Sabiá is the voice of Sambalanço, has shaped the new bossa swinging with samba, beats of Soul Music and Jazz. Born and raised in Copacabana he got the flair of the style’s cradle and has developed it into a more sophisticated and colorful “MPB” (Musica Popular Brasileira or Brazilian Popular Music). His style is unique in the scene and João Sabiá is building a consistent and promissing career, promoting and renewing the Bossa Beats.

Outras Bossas (22/06): a Roda de Samba Bossa and Jazz with the rythms and songs around it. The already traditional Roda de Samba led by Nelson Latif brings together the best musicians of the European – Brazilian circuit. This year a Bossa Nova quintet with a big band will give the tone to the Bossa Jazz Roda de Samba. Alberto Rosenblit Quintet, Gafifa, and Roda band are expected to complete the four acts evening. This dancing night is a blender of styles, people and good musicians in a delicious jam session with a tropical touch.

Program of the Brazilian Music Series 2018: Sounds of Brazil @ Bimhuis: Piet Heinkade 3, 1019 BR Amsterdam


This year we will have a passe-partout for all three shows available for EUR 59-: For info and tickets:

TEAM Brazilian Music Series 2018 : Sounds of Brasil

Curator, Concept Developer, Executive  Producer BMS 2018: Luana Ferreira (AHDB, LF/PR)
Associate Producers AHDB/Bimhuis: Nelson Latif (Fakhouri Produções), Alexandra Mientjes Communications: Onno Beukenhorst and Anne Koperdraat. Board A Hora do Brasil Foundation: Rosemeire Lourdes Pinto, Marcelo Tyszler.

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The Brazilian Music Series aim at bringing talent of the Brazilian music to Holland and telling stories from its diverse culture to the world through rhythms and voices. These points strengthen the general mission of A Hora do Brasil supporting a healthy intercultural dialogue and exchange between the two countries, valuing diversity to build bridges of understanding and joyful musical relationships.

The Brazilian Summer Sessions* were born in 2006 to spread the hidden gems of Brazilian music that would not be known by foreigners during their trips through Brazil. It was the first program devoted exclusively to Brazilian music in Amsterdam, conceptualized by A Hora do Brasil Foundation.

In partnership with Bimhuis, the BSS's grew to be a cheerful and relaxed festival where music, film, art and dance met during the months of the European summer, bringing an authentic experience to the Netherlands. The Roda de Samba (Samba circle) of the BSS formed a generation of Dutch musicians, who continue to spread the genre in the Lowlands. In 2016, the Brazilian Summer Session have become the Brazilian Music Series, that aim to create unforgettable concerts bringing the Sounds of Brazil to the Bimhuis every year.

*Past editions have taken place thanks to the former Director of the Bimhuis: Huub van Riel, concept development of Artistic Director: Neyde Lantyer and Executive Director: Claudia Trajano from A Hora do Brasil Foundation, all the artists, volunteers, and public for making this journey possible. In memory of Annelies van Esveld (Executive Producer Bimhuis).