The Brazilian Summer Sessions* 2016 bring Rio to the Bimhuis

This is a special year for Brazil and the city of Rio de Janeiro, not only because of the Olympic Games: it is also the anniversary of 100 Years of Samba.

A Hora do Brasil foundation has therefore designed a program to celebrate both happenings and bring the essence of Rio de Janeiro to Amsterdam. After the energetic NYE at Bimhuis, where the fireworks at the Ij River and Copacabana were united by the great beats of an inspired Roda de Samba, we are happy announce the program for The Brazilian Sessions in 2016.

The Brazilian Summer Sessions aim at bringing new talent of the Brazilian Music to Holland and telling stories from our diverse Culture to the world through rhythms and voices. These points strengthen the general mission of A Hora do Brasil supporting a healthy intercultural dialogue between countries through the universal power of art, valuing diversity to build bridges of understanding and joyful relationships.

On the 14 th of May, we invite Moyseis Marques, acclaimed as the new face of the samba bohemian neighborhood of Lapa, in Rio. Lapa is the cradle of Samba music where great jam sessions are held and new composers as Moyseis are found playing in the famous Rodas de Samba. Today he accumulated numerous partnerships with names as João Cavalcanti, Moacir Luz, Chico Buarque, Zé Renato and Aldir Blanc. This show will bring a historical retrospective of the bohemian love story between Rio and Samba; which Moyseis brings to life as no other.

On the 18th of June, we happily receive Roberta Sá, one of the best female singers in Brazil at the moment. Her music takes on different traditionally Brazilian rhythms with a soft contemporary touch. Roberta is releasing a new album “ Delírio” with collaboration with great musicians as Chico Buarque and Martinho da Vila. Roberta’s band brings awarded musicians as the percussionist Marcos Suzano and the guitarist Rodrigo Campelo. Before the concert, the documentary "Vinicius " by Miguel Farias Jr, about the life and work of the Brazilian major Bossa Nova poet and composer will be shown.

On the 9th of July, The already traditional Roda de Samba by Nelson Latif at the Bimhuis takes place with allures of celebration in its 8th edition:  samba completes a 100 years in 2016 with the first recorded song in 1916, “Pelo Telefone”. Brazilian, Dutch and International musicians will pay a tribute to the genre in an unforgettable evening.  They will bring the joy of Rio, singing, dancing, playing and jamming together in the rhythms and vibrant notes, revisiting the great names of samba history. Before the concert, the movie "Black Orpheus" by Marcel Camus based on the play Orfeu da Conceição by Vinícius de Moraes, which is an adaptation of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, set in the modern context of a favela in Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval will be shown.

Program The Brazilian Summer Sessions 2016: Rio Edition
@ Bimhuis: Piet Heinkade 3 1019 BR Amsterdam

14­-05-­2016 ­ Moyséis Marques concert “Made in Brasil”
18.30 ­ Restaurant opens + Video installation Ópera do Malandro by Ruy Guerra at Foyer
20.30 ­ Concert "Made in Brasil" by Moyseis Marques
23.15 ­ After Party with music by Palo Santo

18­-06­-2016 ­ Roberta Sá concert "Delírio" + documentary "Vinicius" by Miguel Farias Jr
18.30 ­ Restaurant opens
20.00 ­ Film "Vinicius" by Miguel Farias Jr at main stage
22.30 ­ Concert "Delírio” by Roberta Sá
0h ­ After Party

09-­07­-2016 ­ Roda de Samba “100 years of samba” celebration by Nelson Latif + movie "Black Orpheus" by Marcel Camus
18.30 ­ Restaurant opens
20.00 ­ "Black Orpheus" by Marcel Camus at main stage
22.30 ­ Roda de Samba “100 years of samba” celebration by Nelson Latif
0h ­ After Party: Jam session at the foyer

For further info and tickets:

TEAM Brazilian Summer Sessions 2016
Artistic Director Bimhuis: Huub van Riel
Associate Creative Director AHB/BSS 2016 Director: Luana Ferreira
Associate Platform Developer AHB/BSS 2016 Executive producer: Elaine Pettersen
Associate Executive Producers AHB/Bimhuis BSS 2016: Nelson Latif and Alexandra Mientjes

*With thanks to Bimhuis Publicity team and BSS's previous editions team: Neyde Lantyer, Claudia Trajano and Annelies Esveld (in memorian).